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Full-service SEO agency specialized in ecommerce SEO and in SEO-first web design to maximize free organic traffic from the start !!
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Our agency specializes in ecommerce SEO, including Shopify, WooCommerce and Lightspeed, and in SEO-first
web design and copywriting

We integrate SEO best practices at the core of everything we do.

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About Bright Yellow SEO

SEO Services, Web Design & Copywriting

10 years experience running a successful music blog with 45,000 yearly visitors


 5 years of web design experience


‣ 1 year as SEO Director of an agency managing over 25 ecommerce websites

‣ Proudly located in Montreal, Canada

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I went from never getting a call to 5-10 calls a week. I’m very pleased with the work and I definitely got several thousands of dollars in contracts already just from the SEO.
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Our SEO Services

SEO Audits

Looking to increase free organic traffic to your website? 

Book a free SEO audit now and we’ll provide an in-depth analysis of your site using industry-leading SEO software Semrush.

Our SEO audit will highlight any technical issues affecting your rankings and map out your ranking keywords looking for opportunities to increase your traffic.

Our SEO audits are completely free and a great place to start in order to decide which of our SEO packages is right for you.

Book a call now! 

SEO Audit

Using the SEO tool Semrush, our SEO audit will highlight any technical errors hindering your organic traffic, from broken links on your website to duplicate meta titles and descriptions and so much more! 

The SEO audit will also provide a comprehensive overview or your website’s current ranking keywords and any areas needing improvement.

From there, we’ll be in a much better position to suggest the perfect SEO package for your specific needs!

Our SEO audits are free of charge! Just book a call now.

An SEO audit is important as every website faces unique challenges and requires a tailored SEO strategy based on its individual needs.

The SEO audit will provide a better picture of the amount of SEO work required and the type of results we can expect.

We require 3 business days to prepare your SEO audit.

Once ready, we’ll get in touch and schedule a 15 minute call to go over the results and answer any questions you may have!

SEO Strategy & Consulting

Bright Yellow SEO is a full-service SEO agency offering fully managed SEO services from the technical optimization of your website to the writing and publishing of keyword-optimized content.

But, we’d also be more than happy to provide you with a thorough SEO strategy and any SEO consulting required along the way, if you already have resources internally to execute the process or other freelancers you love to work with!

Get in touch now and let’s discuss how we can help!

SEO Strategy and SEO Consulting

An SEO strategy is a plan of action targeting key opportunities to increase your website’s organic traffic based on factors such as current ranking keywords, level of competition, keyword difficulty, type of content required, as well as ways to improve site health and fix technical errors

The most important ranking factor for search engines is on-page content.

An SEO content strategy maps out your website’s best opportunities to increase organic traffic, and what content should be created or added to existing pages in order of priority.

This is done using factors such as keyword difficulty, current rankings, level of competition, and search intent.

Metrics are an integral part of our SEO strategies. 

We begin by analyzing the keywords your website is already ranking for in order to find opportunities to improve those rankings.

We’ll also look at keywords your competitors have that you don’t to find opportunities you’re missing out on.

When choosing keywords to target for your website, we look at several factors including search volumes, keyword difficulty or competitiveness, and search intent or what are users expecting to find when they search for that keyword.  

SEO consulting consists of advising clients on how to optimize their website and its content in order to increase organic traffic.

This can take several forms from suggesting technical improvements to the website and fixing site errors to establishing a long-term SEO content strategy.

An SEO consultant with usually perform a site audit, a competitor analysis, and keyword research in order to find the most cost-effective and strategic way to increase traffic to your website.

SEO-first Web Design

Bright Yellow SEO specializes in SEO-first web design meaning we build fast websites that maximize free organic traffic from day one.

We integrate SEO best practices at the core of our web design, from proper site architecture and title structure to optimizing images, on-page content and metadata with important keywords, adding relevant schema markup, and so much more!

We’ll build your website right the first time to make sure you get free organic traffic as soon as possible!

SEO Web Design

Integrating SEO at the core of your web design is extremely important to make sure that your website gets free organic traffic as fast as possible.

This entails keyword-optimized content, metadata and images, a proper title structure and site architecture, fast loading speed, and many other crucial details often disregarded by most web designers.

Good web design does affect SEO.

Page loading speed, on-page content, interlinking, and schema markup are just a few of the SEO ranking factors which, when integrated into your website design right away, can ensure that you get organic traffic much faster.

That’s why SEO is very important to consider when designing a website.

Most web designers do not take into consideration SEO ranking factors when the make your website, but at Bright Yellow SEO it’s our specialty!

If you have a local business, it’s important that your customers find you and that’s where local SEO comes in!

By adding local schema markup, optimizing content with local keywords, ensuring mobile-friendliness, and a few other SEO tricks, we’ll make sure that your website shows up in Google for “near me” searches and other local queries!

There are many SEO enhancements related to web site design we take into consideration when building your website including on-page content, page speed optimization, URL structure, internal linking, optimization of images and metadata, user experience, mobile friendliness, and schema markup.

Schema Markup is a special type of code that we add to your website in order to provide information about your content to search engines.

This helps the website being featured in enhanced search results snippets and rich snippets at the top of Google search rankings pages.

On-Page SEO, Content Marketing & SEO Copywriting

On-page content is really the most important ranking factor for search engines.

With proper SEO, we can optimize your website to improve its visibility and ranking in search engines and increase your organic traffic.

This involves optimizing various elements, such as on-page content, title tags, meta descriptions, headings, URLs, internal linking, images, and more to make sure search engines know what your webpage is about.

You also want to make sure that your pages have enough editorial content and that they answer users’ search intent for your target keywords.

This is where good content marketing and SEO copywriting comes in and we’re really good at it!

Sample Content:

Yu Kurosaki: Master Japanese Knifemaker (

Virgil Abloh Books: The Definitive Guide (

Best Food Movies and TV Shows for Chefs and Foodies (

The Best Jazz Albums of All Time (

Best Jazz Clubs in NYC: The Definitive Guide (

Best Rap Songs that Sample Jazz (

On-page-SEO, content marketing and SEO copywriting

Your website content is definitely the most important ranking factor for search engines.

With on-page SEO, we’ll optimize your website to make sure customers find you when they search for important keywords.

This is done by adding quality content to your website with proper SEO copywriting and by optimizing various elements such as title structure, metadata, URLs, images, and more!

Content marketing involves publishing high quality content in order to attract your target audience to your website.

The goal is to provide value to your potential customers rather than just promoting your product or service.

A proper content marketing strategy will guide what content should to be created and in what order, taking into account priorities, timelines and resources.

The strategy will help guide the creation of content ensuring that it aligns with your objectives and connects with your audience to build trust and drive conversions.

Content marketing is important because organic traffic is more stable than other digital marketing strategies and will bring customers to your website over a longer-term basis.

Paid strategies, for example, are great to inject traffic to your website, but  that traffic disappears as soon as you stop buying ads.

With content marketing, the goal is to bring long-term traffic to your site that will not go away over night!

SEO copywriting involves creating high quality content which targets important keywords in order to improve search ranking and increase organic traffic.

It adheres to SEO best practices and takes into account important factors such as title structure, metadata, interlinking, image and URL optimization, and more.

SEO copywriting is important because when done properly it improves your website’s long-term visibility, as opposed to other shorter term digital marketing strategies, and will bring stable traffic to your website

Ecommerce & Shopify SEO

If you have an ecommerce website and want to increase your organic traffic, you’ve come to the right place!

Bright Yellow SEO specializes in ecommerce SEO, whether your store runs on Shopify, WooCommerce or Lightspeed.

We have a year experience working as SEO director of a digital marketing agency managing over 25 ecommerce stores so we know exactly how to increase organic traffic to your website!

We’ll fully manage everything from technical optimizations of the website to content creation because we know that your time is precious.

Book a free audit now and let’s discuss how we can grow your business!

ecommerce and Shopify SEO
Ecommerce SEO is a specialized form of search engine optimization focused on optimizing product pages, categories, and other key areas of your ecommerce site in order to increase organic traffic and search rankings.

Ecommerce SEO is crucial for online retailers to gain visibility, build brand awareness, and drive traffic to their website.

By improving their search engine ranking position (SERP), ecommerce businesses can attract more qualified leads and convert them into paying customers.

Ecommerce SEO plays a pivotal role in driving online sales and revenue growth for businesses.

The main objective of ecommerce SEO is to boost website visibility, increase traffic and rankings on search engine result pages (SERP).

With millions of ecommerce websites competing for customer attention, implementing effective SEO strategies can set your business apart from the rest.

Investing in professional ecommerce SEO services ensures that you are optimizing your website using best practices, relevant keywords and high-quality content that resonates with target audiences.

Yes, Shopify is generally considered good for SEO for several reasons including SEO-friendly infrastructure, built-in SEO features, mobile-friendly design, reliable hosting and security, and scalability and performance.

While Shopify provides a solid foundation for SEO, it’s important to note that SEO success depends on various factors like quality content, keyword research, and ongoing optimization efforts.

Shopify alone cannot guarantee top search engine rankings, but it offers the necessary tools and features to help you optimize your online store for better SEO performance.

Local SEO​

If you have a local business and are looking to get more customers through the door, Local SEO can help make sure your website and Google Business Profile show up when customers are looking for your products or services locally!

By optimizing both with important keywords and linking them with Local Schema Markup, we’ll make sure you get your share of those “near me” searches!

So whether you have a store or provide a service, and are looking to increase your customer base locally or obtain new client leads organically, Local SEO can definitely help improve your businesses visibility online!    

Local SEO

Local SEO refers to the process of optimizing a business’s online presence to attract and engage with customers in a specific local area or geographic location.

Local SEO involves various techniques such as optimizing the website, creating local business listings, and implementing location-based keywords.

With a good Local SEO strategy, businesses can improve their chances of appearing prominently in local search results and drive targeted traffic to their physical locations.

Local SEO is important because it helps businesses enhance their visibility in local search results.

When potential customers search for products or services in their local area, businesses that have optimized their online presence for local SEO are more likely to appear in relevant search listings, increasing the chances of attracting local customers.

Local SEO services is comprised of several strategies and techniques to improve a business’ online visibility in local search results.

It typically includes local keyword research, on-page optimization, and Google Business Profile optimization as well local business listings and online reviews and reputation management.